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Never Felt a Love Like This Before
February 28, 2009, 5:40 pm
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Love. A topic I wasn’t really expecting to engage in, let alone feel. But I suppose that Cupid’s arrow shoots at its own destined time without little consideration of convenience. But there’s a definite beauty to that. A beauty in knowing that destiny will take its course regardless of one’s preconceived expectations.

I can remember being a wide-eyed adolescent repeatedly asking my elders and those who were soon to jump the broom; how they knew that he was ‘the one’. How were they able to conclusively decide on such a long-lasting choice?

The only answer was, “You just know.” Without recognizing its preciseness’ at the time, there was exponential beauty in the simplicity of that comment. At the time, it didn’t seem like enough information. I needed more that those three words. How does one know? How do you know if you’re confusing other externalities with knowing? How can you be sure?  What if you were wrong? If life is any indication, the more you think you know, the less you actually end up knowing.

I’ve somehow stumbled across uncharted territory. One where scattered imagines of the man who anonymously filled my dreams are slowly but surely becoming a reality. Descriptions of this man were constantly knocked down by others. I was told how picky I was being. How can a man be both intellectual and soulful? Both gentle and confident? How can he be spiritual and conscious of the divine element while simultaneously passionate and aware about the world around him? How can he have a great sense of (sarcastic) humor embedded with a true sense of maturity? How can it be true that aside from the descriptions above, there would be someone who’s willing to risk his heart and soul for you? Little does he know that it’s really no risk at all, because I’m willing, able and ready to give my heart and soul too.

So I guess, now I know.


Murder She Wrote
February 14, 2009, 10:24 pm
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Seeking peace and tranquility/
In days of confusion, chaos, anarchy and clouded obscurity/
Kings and queens illuminating their rays of nobility/
Deciphering right from wrong with such simplicity/
When in reality/
The distinction lies in an unknown territory of complexity.

Vision blurred/ sights obscured/
An irreversible deficiency in your inability to see/
As you reign high on your bolstered throne/
A crown of ignorance perpetuates an infectious disability of ostentatious tyranny.

Your cerebrum’s inactivity dilutes your wisdom/
Leaving you in a perpetual state of a cyclical stupidity/
With that tiny brain of yours, so itty bitty/
Makes me pity thee/
Because you can’t see the causality between the circumventing rhetoric on Fox news and America’s so-called “democracy”/
So you received your Masters, J.D. and PhD in political philosophy and ancient history/
But your unfounded wisdom is worth less than a Pakistani rupee/
And what have you got to show for your multiple academic degrees?
Just that fact that you’re incapable of distinguishing between the Atlantic Ocean from the Black Sea.

It’s like your mind is stalled while in transition/
Attempting to switch gears between the break and gas pedals/
Not realizing you ain’t even got the proper ignition key.

Your static inactivity makes you falsely perceive that Reality is a show on late night MTV/
Hypnotized by the pendulum of ignorance that swings with its magnetic force convoluting your mind with a false sense of security/
Only able to see the world through the lens of the black and white/
Colorblind leaving you incapable of seeing the beauty of diversity/
Leaving you to rely on cheat sheets and shortcuts for quick cash and a speedy victory/
So continue on with the Cardinal sins—the lust, greed, envy and gluttony/
Continue believing that our hegemonic capitalistic ideology will lead us to victory/
And with that I say, Good luck and God speed.

What Happens When the Oppressed Becomes the Oppressor?
February 10, 2009, 12:11 am
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What does it mean for the world when the oppressed becomes the oppressor? When those who advocate for social justice become the prevailing force that drive the levers of injustice and intolerance. How could I have spent nearly 25 years blinded by all that’s around me? Blinded by the fact that I do indeed belong to categories that are defined by the majority. Subconsciously, I’ve allowed myself to impose these dominant values onto others—executing my dogmatic ideology without any room for negotiation.

It seems that not a year goes by where I don’t come to recognize something profound about the world—perpetually expanding upon my mediocre and shaky foundation. This growth –with its leaps and bounds is clear evidence that I have an unyielding task ahead of me. But dayum, with each attempt to understand a novel idea of how the world functions– is like a blow to my stomach leaving me hunched over and breathless.

While typing away on my desktop at work, my colleague sneezed. Without a moments hesitation, my natural proclivity and habitual response was to say, “Bless you,” albeit the fact that she’s an atheist. When most others would kindly respond with a “thank you” there was nothing of sorts. Her lack of response was replaced by utter silence causing a chilling effect down my spine. Why did she not reply with a “thank you”?

It took me a good minute to recall a discussion we had about Obama’s inauguration speech, as she felt betrayed by links and explicit connections drawn between the church and state, and between God and the role of government–rhetoric that sounded strikingly familiar to his predecessor W.

I felt the need to apologize and couldn’t help but feel angered at how easily I imposed my domineering views. Attempting to appease the situation, she said habits were a good thing, for without them; we’d have to relearn even the most miniscule of tasks. I suppose we’ve built up a mechanism that allows for efficiency, but within this, we loose sight of how easily the views of the minority (which should be valued and protected) are overshadowed by advantages inherently imbedded within majority rule.

As a Muslim, I grew up reciting the creed that ‘there is One God and Mohammad (peace be upon him) is his last and final Messenger’. With that being said, I never once really understood the meaning behind these words, nor came to practice the universal essence that embodied not only Islam but all major religions—and nonreligions of the world.

How could I have forgotten about the fluidity of principles that are generated and expressed through our diverse languages, artistic expression and set of experiences? How could I have strictly equated morality with religion, ultimately assuming that those without a religious faith are incapable of diagnosing morality? This expression of thought may vary widely, but within them are underlying ecumenical preferences for harmony and justice—moral judgments that are not solely “privileged” to religious doctrine.

The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles. Ayn Rand – Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 1966