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Never Felt a Love Like This Before
February 28, 2009, 5:40 pm
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Love. A topic I wasn’t really expecting to engage in, let alone feel. But I suppose that Cupid’s arrow shoots at its own destined time without little consideration of convenience. But there’s a definite beauty to that. A beauty in knowing that destiny will take its course regardless of one’s preconceived expectations.

I can remember being a wide-eyed adolescent repeatedly asking my elders and those who were soon to jump the broom; how they knew that he was ‘the one’. How were they able to conclusively decide on such a long-lasting choice?

The only answer was, “You just know.” Without recognizing its preciseness’ at the time, there was exponential beauty in the simplicity of that comment. At the time, it didn’t seem like enough information. I needed more that those three words. How does one know? How do you know if you’re confusing other externalities with knowing? How can you be sure?  What if you were wrong? If life is any indication, the more you think you know, the less you actually end up knowing.

I’ve somehow stumbled across uncharted territory. One where scattered imagines of the man who anonymously filled my dreams are slowly but surely becoming a reality. Descriptions of this man were constantly knocked down by others. I was told how picky I was being. How can a man be both intellectual and soulful? Both gentle and confident? How can he be spiritual and conscious of the divine element while simultaneously passionate and aware about the world around him? How can he have a great sense of (sarcastic) humor embedded with a true sense of maturity? How can it be true that aside from the descriptions above, there would be someone who’s willing to risk his heart and soul for you? Little does he know that it’s really no risk at all, because I’m willing, able and ready to give my heart and soul too.

So I guess, now I know.


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I knew it would happen…you just never found the RIGHT person before. You deserve everything you’ve wanted and much much more, insha’Allah!!! Can’t wait to hear more!

Comment by Mona

I am so happy and in love with this post. 🙂
I am also so happy, beyond happy for you and that you shared that.
Also happy as well to see that the advice that you did not understand is somehow clear. It amazing 🙂

Comment by Mofat

yuck. 🙂

Comment by Hafsa

This is beautiful and somehow by those few sentence descriptions of what you want that seem absurd to some but perfect to you … gave me hope for my own future.

I hope now that you’ve found love your writing shows it like it does in this entry… KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!!

Comment by Lina

written beautifully by a beautiful woman about a beautiful feeling. =)

Comment by zuby

head over heels, huh?

Comment by hafsa k

Beautiful Sarah … 😉
I’m very happy for you, and for this lucky gentleman.

Comment by Billy

wow you write so beautifully!!!!!

Comment by anon

The way you write makes me believe. I am so incredibly happy for you.

Comment by browngirllost

COngrats, Sarah!

All the best to you…

Comment by Yawar

Sarah you explained this feeling better than I ever could have…I pray that God eases your path and that you have eternal bliss inshaAllah.

Comment by Aseel

beautifully written sarah:)

Comment by Ala'a

i second aseel’s comment – masha’Allah 🙂 love you sarah!!!!!

Comment by faatima

You datin Common walla eh? 😛
Masha’Allah girl~can’t wait to hear the details of the lovely man. He must be pretty awesome to get close to you. Miss you keteer. Write me.

Comment by Nadi

Mashallah, I’m sooo happy for you! You deserve all the happiness in the world.

Comment by aqila

so yea i signed into your account because i forgot ur wordpress screen name. hehe. wait…did sarah say she liked a boy? YAY i cant wait for the wedding.

Comment by Anonymous

I find out through Facebook? I’m so mad at you…

Comment by Yawar

Awww I luv it mA. Your hubby sounds like an awesome guy!! You know I’m glad you wrote about this…because I always got the same answer…”u just know” and I wonder what it feels like to “just know”. And everyone tells me I’m picky, so this gives me hope lol. Thanx Sarah for sharing this, very well written. Jazakum Allah khayr.

Comment by Mona Z

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