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Ramzan Mubarak
August 24, 2009, 5:08 am
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ramadan kareem

Ramadan Kareem

Ramzan Mubarak …

That’s right, I said it. For a moment in time, I’m going to represent my authentic identity. Mish misria. No soy boriqua. And I ain’t part black. But this introductory paragraph is quite tangential.

I really just wanted to say how beautiful these first few days of Ramadan have been. I’m home in Houston for the first 10 days and will be in DC for the last. The usual tradition of going to taraweeh for evening prayer is one where a sheik (or priest) will read the first portion of prayer—but this year they mixed it up a little by having young men who have just finished memorizing the Quran to read the last portion of prayer. They recite with such beauty and passion. Each word so crisp, so clear and so sharp — that I felt as if I had temporarily elevated—slightly hovering above ground. Each letter resonated from ear to ear, and although it was just your ‘’average prayer”, I had to fight back my tears. I could have stood all night, and swayed ever so slightly to the rhythm of the beautiful recitation.

I wonder what it means to have your entire heart consumed by the Quran. Consumed by words of God sent down to the Prophet (saws). If we have dynamic goals, I imagine that people like myself will spend their entire lives attempting to memorize excerpts from the Quran—but will come no where near close to these 16-18 year olds.