Abstract Chatter

Eid Mubarak
September 21, 2009, 7:58 am
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I love listening to your heartbeat –a pulse which beats louder than the beats of an African drum
I love listening to your breath –in its very own enchanting rhythm.

I attempt to make out your face as I stare deep into the darkness
The moonlight shines through the blinds, illuminating your soul and I can’t help but feel blessed.

As you lay your head down to rest
How can I express the magnitude at which I’m awed by your innocent and delicate finesse
And so I say that the beauty you possess,
Is more beautiful than I would have ever guessed.

Time passes by, as night fades into day and the sun begins its morning quest
Time for me to humbly bow down and make my morning request
Turning right and then left, greeting the Angels from the south to the northwest
O Lord, let our love multiply, and be each others protectors–be each others life vest
Until our time comes for eternal rest.



A Walk to Beautiful
September 10, 2009, 4:39 pm
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For the most part, I’m not a big movie go-er. But alas, my husband is. Call me pretentious, but I waste away hours at a time on nonsensical matters, and to add an additional 2 ½ hours for a movie during Ramadan seems unholy to say the least. But I bought into the pressure, not knowing the profound impact that this documentary would have on me.

“A Walk to Beautiful”—Such an eye-opening documentary of 5 Ethiopian women living under constant scrutiny by society because of the physical conditions which arise due to inadequate attention post childbirth.


Without going into the anatomy, the end result was that women wouldn’t have any control over their bladder (which typically happens when labor exceeds a certain time period, and there is a miscarriage).

A woman is defined by her ability to give birth. To bear children. When this doesn’t happen, she’s casted aside by her family, husband and peers. She’s exiled. And put into an unstable hut built outside the home for no other reason than being protected by the hyenas which linger about.

So apparently, this means that the lack of access to health care can give men the option to marry other women. Women who are capable of giving birth.

So many political and socioeconomic issues surface from this documentary: Force marriages for women at the age of 9. Abuse, child labor and poverty hindering the body from fully nourishing itself—from fully growing, leaving them stout so when they do have children, they’re pelvis’s are not big enough to support the birth. I suppose I have no right to be angry at the amount of physical labor done by children at a young age. Agricultural societies run in such a fashion. But there is no excuse for not having the proper nutrition that one needs.

It makes me wonder time and time again—why I was not born in a third world country. In a developing country. However you want to label it, I was born in one of the most powerful countries in the nation. This was God’s ultimate plan. Even if you do not believe in a higher being, this was my random chance.

With nothing but privilege seeping from all directions.


Just another recent article delving into child marriages…