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Ramadan/Ramzaan Kareem/Mubarak/May the Force be with You
July 11, 2013, 10:15 am
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Had a blessed month surrounded by family and friends. I couldn’t have possibly fit in more family time into one month. Visited my husband’s grandmother whom I adore seeing. We hung out with his beautiful “all glown-up” nieces. ┬áMy folks came down for a week last minute and cooked up amazing food in a not so amazing kitchen…got my car registration taken care of, and bought a ton of meat for Ramadan. It never ceases to amaze me, that as grown as I am, and as old as I get– my parents are just always one step ahead, m’A. Had a chance to see my cousins, aunt, and siblings who I can’t believe have their own jobs, are getting married, attending higher education, and just being productive folks.

So of course with every bright spot, there are those things that happen which are unforeseen, unwanted, and unexpected. Despite the blessings that were clearly in every direction, I still somehow managed for a slight second to ask “why now” for due to my health situation, I’m unable to fast for few days. I was gently reminded that even the unforeseen, the unwanted, and the unexpected are also all from God.

Thank you for the reminder.