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Shipment 1 of 2 has arrived
August 24, 2015, 9:02 am
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I had so many thoughts over the past few days, but they’re all blurring together now. These posts literally feel like I’m just thinking out loud. We received our air shipment. The five boxes arrived a few days ago filled with the baby’s toys, blankets, and diapers. What was NOT in the shipment were my husband’s work cloths. Or the much anticipated Fiber One bars. My bad.

I imagine it’s quite busy for the movers around transfer season, when officers and their families begin to receive (or pack out) their shipments. I wonder what’s going through the mover’s minds as they see us come into this country with massive wooden crates of stuff. Just stuff. People who I imagine don’t have much seeing us with more stuff than we know what to do with. With all the stuff I already have, here I am trying to figure out what the next best shop is to purchase curtains or rugs.

I never considered myself as wealthy. Never. Growing up, we were always comfortable. I can’t even begin to imagine the sacrifices that my parents went through to make sure we had everything we needed. But into adulthood, it’s never been financially easy. The nonprofit world is, well, not all that profitable. You put two nonprofit folks together plus a baby and you have times where you’re really just trying to get by. You wait for your paychecks to come in, save for big purchases, and use different credit lines to stagger the payments. But coming here, you see over and over again at every turn, just how wealthy we were in the states, and how rich we seem here to most people around us. It’s all about perspective. We’re still so blessed. I need to figure out how to redirect my complaints and remember that it’s all relative.


Happy Independence Weekend
August 15, 2015, 6:09 am
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We’ve been at post for about a month now. And on this 1 month anniversary, my baby is going to daycare for half a day, I stopped nursing, and joined a gym. I am so sore after not having worked out for 2 months that I literally cannot move. The gym had a two-day trial period, but I’m not sure I have the energy to go again today.

It’s India (and Pakistan’s) Independence day this weekend. Flags and lights are going up across government buildings and along the highways. Chief Minister signs and banners are plastered on public property. And fireworks. I hear there will be fireworks. This country loves them some fireworks.

I miss snacking on random crap.
I miss sushi and tex-mex.
I miss 2-day Amazon Prime shipping.
I miss the familar.

It will take some time to build a sense of community but i feel well on my way. I’m grateful that it wasn’t really a learning curve or a culture shock to move here, and that it’s only taken about a month to get settled in. That’s not too bad in the larger scheme of things.

My goal is to learn how to pleat a sari. And figure out how to make a local dish or two.

As the days go by
August 4, 2015, 9:43 am
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10986623_10106474742590820_2371310201996855305_oI can’t believe that we’ve been here for almost 3 weeks. Things are making a bit more sense. There’s somewhat of a routine now. Somewhat. We have a driver and it’s been great to have him take us around town, including the famous temple in Mylapore this past weekend.

Edris is becoming a toddler. The shrieking and shouting (mostly for the iphone) is getting to be annoying. I don’t know how he became so obsessed with the phone. And so. Fast. We (I) tried hard to keep screens away from him during his first year. I guess he sees us attached to the phone and thus understands its significance. He has many-a-convos with Siri. I can’t take pictures of my food anymore because he’ll snatch the phone away. Maybe this is a sign I should stop taking pictures of food.

I’m trying to capture as much of my surroundings as I can. There’s so much history, color, noise, traffic, and rain. We have a mosquito net that drapes over our bed. The thunderstorms are so loud, they shake the house. The lightening is so bright that you can see its flashes from the most interior parts of our home.

I wait for the weekends because it gives me a chance to get out of the house and see the world around me. Maybe next week, I’ll have the courage to take Edris with me as I wonder aimlessly around. Or maybe I’ll leave him with our housekeeper :o)