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Through the glass window
November 25, 2015, 12:50 pm
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Cyclones. Monsoons. Rain. Or as the Google weather app simply states: Thunderstorms. Whatever the terminology, it’s no joke. We somehow missed the season’s torrential downpours, the flooded basements, and the internet and power outages with our back-to-back travels to Ooty and Hyderabad. But today, through our tinted car windows– I saw it all. Warnings were issued to stay indoors. To not commute as a majority of the roads were flooded, but we were on our way back from the airport, so I clearly did not take heed.

Here I am with a screaming toddler going on hour number 2 1/2 headed home, as I saw people pulled over trying to wait out the rain under delicate awnings drinking their steaming cups of tea. I saw folks jumping off buses to walk home. I saw people waiting at 9pm for any form of public transportation, but by the looks of it, no bus was going to make it. Cabs asking for quadruple the regular fair. You saw waves of water being pushed over the sidewalks by the car’s movements. You couldn’t tell where the street ended or where the sidewalk began.

But the men on the motorcycles smiled back at Edris as he waved ‘hi’ to every. single. bike. that drove by. They entertained his innocent gestures.  They held their umbrellas tight, tied a plastic bag on their head, rolled up their pants, and powered through the knee deep water. Monsoons couldn’t stop the smiles. It didn’t stop life from moving on.

And with my shelter, heat, electricity, and sense of safety, I saw it all.