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This winter
January 22, 2016, 1:24 pm
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Chennai, India this winter:

Where the scent of jasmine, incense, and cow dung are equally ubiquitous.

Where women let their hair down in todays 89F January weather.

Where the ever-so-common jasmine gets substituted with marigold.

Where wearing shoes are optional.

Where teaching a toddler animals and the noises they make becomes an easy task because dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, 12615630_10107115021656440_4351940634171016184_oand cows grace our sidewalks and streets.

Where parcel, takeaway, box, and “to-go” can either be understood, or not understood depending upon the tone and accent in which they are said.

Where the smiles are grandeur.

Where pomegranates are rich in hue.

Where samosas are piping hot and lassis are just. right.

Where love is in the air.