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The randomness that is
March 28, 2016, 12:37 pm
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The aroma of filter coffee and uthapum sprinkled with cashews and coriander on a weekday morning now feels like home.

Globalization is real. American music, movies, and references are inculcated in everything– from India to Thailand.  The beats blasts in every restaurant, club, coffee shop, and rickshaw. With Netflix now streaming almost world-wide, I can’t even begin to imagine the influential force our pop culture will have.

Missing home. Is it weird that I’m in India and still miss World Market? Maybe I need to unsubscribe from their mailing list. In about a month, we’ll be headed back to the US to see family and friends iA. Pretty excited about seeing familiar faces and having some delicious food. What is it about good food that just. centers. you?

Our nanny asked about this sunscreen (not knowing that it was sunscreen), and asked why we have a bottle to kill off all the lizards. IMG_5815

Thinking about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how I’m constantly hovering around the top tier. So blessed to have every other need met. Being grateful and counting my blessings.