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And in the blink of an eye…1/2 year has gone by
October 14, 2016, 12:32 pm
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…not quite half a year, but 5 months since my last post. Can’t believe that it’s about to be monsoon season all over again. The weather has calmed down (a bit)  once again. The festivals and holiday season will begin yet again. The lights. The parades. The endless fireworks that begin at 12am. The smoke that remains in the still air. Until the next rain.

It’s transition season. People have come and friends have gone. Is it easier to stay behind, or be the ones to go? Either way, how does one maintain a sense of continuity in a life of utter fluidity?

As quick as we were to paint the walls and prop up our picture frames – our time will soon come when we’ll have to pack them all away. Only to not know if we’ll receive them in one piece on the other side. Will our items get boxed up and remain outdoors in the rainy season until the next boat arrives?  I suppose either way, we won’t be seeing our stuff for a year. No amount of insurance can protect memories attached to each picture.

*Must back. up. my. pictures.*

to our final months of tropical humidity and cocnut trees.


Backwaters of Kerala, India