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Some things never change
June 24, 2017, 12:04 am
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I’m back in Houston after being away for decades. It feels weird to be back but it’s also perfect timing. It’s Ramadan which means that on most days, we’ve been able to break bread together as a family. Being back has also given me an opportunity to leave Edris at home while I get a chance to attend prayers at the mosque– something I haven’t done in almost three years– at least on any consistent basis.

After taking a hiatus from the mosque community, I saw how some 20 years later–much of our masjid culture is the same. There are the same 10 -feet barriers, the same aunties that love yelling out commands in Urdu (because of course everyone speaks Urdu), the children laughing and playing throughout the night, guest speakers, boys trying to ball by the courts, and the countless water bottles dispersed for us dehydrated folks.

But it’s interesting to see the changes as well. Women– both young and old following along during prayer on their phones! I! Never! Aunties readying Quran on their ipads. The massive screens that are placed in the women’s section so we can actually see the Imam. It’s crazy to see the integration of technology in peoples every day lives. There also seems to be some organization to the daily chaos which didn’t exist before. Volunteers have badges and people are requested to put their shoes in designated spaces.

Through this month, I’m reminded that it takes a village to care for the next generation. No one can nor should raise these babies alone. And as much as I miss the DC community during this beautiful month, I feel grateful to be at home, where baby E can be surrounded by light and family. May we build beautiful traditions together. May he fall in love with this month and may we all be blessed by God’s mercy during these last few hours of Ramadan. Ameen.