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January 11, 2019, 1:20 pm
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What could possibly bring me back to write again? Being furloughed for 21 days and counting.

There is article after article that points to the broader impact and trickle down effect this shutdown is having on people’s livelihoods. It’s not just federal employees and contractors who are directly impacted by it, but those for example, relying on social services such as food stamps. It shines light onto the fact that way too many people are just above the line– that with one missed paycheck, they can’t pay their mortgages and rent. There is a larger and more systematic problem to all this that isn’t being addressed. And while we can contribute funds to various charities trying to keep afloat during this crisis, and while the generous donations of companies is heartwarming– what we really should be talking is why so many of us can fall into dark times with one missed paycheck. Including us. While our family is ok at this point in time, should the shutdown continue, we will be calling those credit card companies.

As a society, we are living beyond our means, not saving, and have increased debt. But how can one save when there isn’t anything left to save. How can one stay within our means if we have multiple children with needs or have a single income household? How can we have a rainy day fund when medical bills are beyond outrageous


A furloughed IRS worker in Ogden, Utah holds a sign that reads “We Want to Work.” (AP)

and student loan companies have no mercy. How can we rise above when companies  are also simultaneously contributing to the increased wage gap and paying low wages with no benefits etc. Our system is broken. And the most vulnerable are once again hit the hardest.


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